Street Photography Magazine – Article

Street Photography Magazine – Article

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Most of us can say that we are influenced by the work of a few masters of street photography. Our guest today has learned from some of them directly.

Paul Salmon from London has been a documentary photographer for over 30 years. He studied documentary photography under Magnum photographer David Hurn, and has worked alongside Magnum photographer Josef Koudelka.

For many years, Paul worked for the Sunday Times and Time magazine, covering editorial assignments including the Gulf War and Bosnia. However, his heart has always been with capturing the moment, on the street, or wherever he finds himself.

He believes that once you have mastered the craft of image making, it is time to put it to good use, which he did. His fascination with people and their environment, coupled with a skill to capture, makes him feel very strongly that he has to roam with his camera, and he does just that.

Paul says that the world and life of street photography has enriched his life beyond all measure. He recounts that
Koudelka once said, he was likened to being a “secretary to the invisible”. “With that in one’s mind, ‘you feel somewhat empowered to wander, and see if indeed you are invisible, and with a small camera, drab clothes, quiet shoes,’ you indeed are.”

After many years spent shooting for clients, Paul is following his passion by pursuing a series of personal projects including a series about graffiti in cities around the world.

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